Future Business Magnates

Future Business Magnates project started in November 2016. Students from Year 8 had to submit an application to say why they would be suited for the project. The  following 8 students were selected based on their skills, talents and their drive for winning: Aboabea Attuah, Annia Walton, Madeline Leach, Charlie Jackson, Eve Rose,  Emma Robinson, Alannah Burns and Abbie Tindale.

We were teamed with South Durham Enterprise Business who have attended every challenge with us and supported and guided us throughout the whole process. There have been 5 challenges throughout this period where the team had to research and write a report, produce a product and complete the financial plan in terms of profit and loss. The final challenge was to present their idea in front of 4 judges who were all experts in their own business fields.

The students came up with the idea of a music App-Minuet with their own logo and the company name was "Linkz Harmony". The students met every pastoral lesson to work as a team and completed the tasks to meet the deadlines. They were absolutely dedicated to the challenge and worked so well as a team. On the awards night on the 30 June, at the Excel Centre, they were nominated in 3 categories- for their logo, use of technology and best financial plan. They won the best financial plan. We are  incredibly proud of our Future Business Magnates.