Props and Costumes for School Production

For this year’s production of Bugsy Malone we need lots of props and costume. We want it to look as realistic and authentic 1920s as possible. If you have any of the listed items at home and you are willing to loan or donate them, please email Miss Bell ( or telephone the school. All items will be well looked after and you can either arrange for them to be dropped off, or picked up in the case of larger items.




If you are happy to permanently donate items that may be altered to fit cast that would be very welcome. If you would like your clothing returned unaltered please let us know.

  • Any male suits (jackets, trousers and shirts)

  • 1920s appropriate dresses suitable for girls aged 11-16

  • Costume jewellery

  • Dressing gowns (male and female)

  • Fedora or trilby hats

  • Bow ties/regular ties

  • Mac style jakets



Props marked with a star are shown in images at bottom of the list.

  • Barber’s chair or regular dining chair plus foot rest

  • Hairdressers scissors

  • Broadsheet newspapers

  • Any unwanted cardboard boxes/large pieces of cardboard

  • Any old tins of paint (brown, red/burgundy mostly needed)

  • Shoe brush

  • Old fashioned leather holdall

  • Baseball bat (wooden)

  • Plastic cups/glasses

  • Playing cards

  • Metal serving trays

  • Dining chairs and stools (bar stools/bent wood chairs preferred*)

  • Old fashioned satchel for paper boy

  • Old fashioned over ear headphones

  • Crystal glass and decanter

  • Old fashioned desk chair (wood and leather)

  • Wooden string mop and metal bucket

  • Wooden sweeping brushes

  • Soda syphon

  • Checked table cloths

  • Small, single flower, vases

  • Wing back chairs

  • Floor lamp

  • Side table

  • Old fashioned radio/gramophone

  • Magic wand

  • Top hat

  • Director’s chair

  • Tin laundry baths

  • Wash boards

  • Large laundry baskets (whicker)

  • Old fashioned telephone

  • Old fashioned steering wheels

  • Torches (metal)

  • Picnic blanket and basket

  • Photo viewer*

  • Magnifying glasses

  • Metal bin can

  • Boxing gloves (lots needed)

  • Rope


Examples of photo viewers:

Examples of bent wood chairs/stools: