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Technology is having a huge impact on education and children now have access to many web based resources and comprehensive educational apps in the palm of their hand. It is fundamental that we support children in the safe use of digital technologies. It is important that we too are up to speed with the social networking trends and latest websites.

Modern foreign languages course launch

Thursday 29th September saw dozens of teachers gather together to launch an exciting new languages programme across the region. Delivered in partnership with renowned language training providers, Rosetta Stone, the innovative new programme will help to improve languages teaching across scores of north east schools.

61% 5 A*-C inc English and Maths (55%National Average 2015)
•+33% of all grades were A*-A
+80% of all grades were A*-C
73% A* to C in RE
25% A* to A in RE
66% A* - C in English
77% A* - C in Maths

•3 LOP in English 69%
•4 LOP in English 35%
•3 LOP in Maths 72%
•4 LOP in Maths 27%

  • Quarter of all A level grades are A*-A
  • Half of all level 3 course grades were A*-B or equivalent
  • 56% of A level course grades were A*-B grades
  • 100% pass rate for all A level and vocational courses
  • 64% for General level courses (H&SC, Bus, IT, Sport) achieved Distinction */Distinction
  • 45% for technical  level courses (Engineering, Travel & Tourism) achieved Distinction */Distinction


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