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We are pleased to inform you that the costs of transport to St John’s will not be increased from September 2016.   The pricing structure will remain the same as the previous year.
The catchment area of St John’s extends beyond Bishop Auckland and surrounding areas, covering an area similar to the size of Greater Manchester. This presents us with significant geographical and financial challenges to ensure that every student has transport to and from St John’s.

36 students and 6 members of staff travelled to Lourdes on Maundy Thursday to spend a week working with Group 25 our local HCPT group.

Do you know of someone who fought in the Battle of the Somme in 1916?  If so, we would like your help!

Year 7 and year 9 silver medalist in the catholic partnership netball tournament. A highly competitive tournament, always tough competition but both team were outstanding. Year 9 won 6 games and lost 1 to English Martyrs. Year 7 won 4, lost 2, drew 1 and actually beat the tournament winners Carmel. Millie Fodden was also presented with the Denise Egan rising star award, player of year 7 tournament.

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