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Within our ever-changing world it is crucial that students gain and build upon the skills necessary for success both in English and the world beyond the classroom. Key Stage 3 is where we lay those foundations through the study of a wide range of texts. These include A Christmas Carol, Jane Eyre, Harry Potter, Shakespeare and poetry from William Blake. Our rigorous and engaging curriculum stretches students to achieve success, builds their confidence in a range of English skills and prepares them for the challenges of Key Stage 4 and beyond.

Within three lessons a week pupils will develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Reading is a vitally important life skill; it is essential to develop our understanding of the social, historical and cultural world around us. It also allows us to develop our own capacity to write, to explain and give our important opinions on that world around us. The changes to examinations for English in particular mean that reading for examinations is going to get harder. Pupils will be required to read unseen pieces of text so therefore our Key Stage three curriculum offers pupils the opportunity to explore a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts. Pupils will work towards independently analysing texts and critically commenting on them. Reading also assists your writing more than anything else, so the more you read the better your writing will be and as you are assessed 50/50 on each skill in English this is equally important. Within our curriculum pupils have the opportunity to develop their creative writing skills as well as their non-fiction skills, allowing them to both reflect upon and form their own opinions on the world around them.

The English Curriculum at St John's: Key Stage 3 topics.

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