Where changes to admission arrangements are intended, all schools are required to consult before these are determined and published.

The proposed policies for consultation for 2017-18 are attached.

A consultation response form is available upon request from school.

The governing body will consider all comments received before they determine the arrangements for 2017-18.

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Byron


7 December 2015

Dear Parent/Carer

Christmas Arrangements

At this time of year students from all year groups, as well as staff, are very busy preparing our annual Christmas Celebration which will take place on Tuesday, 15 December at 6.00pm. The celebration will be followed by light refreshments and we warmly invite you to join us and share our Christmas journey, enacted through music, drama and mime.

Dear Parent/Carer

As you will be aware from our website and from our recent parentcall, school will be closed to all students on Friday and next Monday, 27 and 30 November. Whilst at home students could take the opportunity to catch up on outstanding work, complete any homework set or take advantage of our valuable online resource, SAM Learning.

Year 11 Information Evening - Tuesday 29 September 2015: 6.00pm
Fred Wilson Community Hall at St John’s

We would like to invite you to an Information Evening at St John’s where we will be providing you with essential details, strategies and resources to help you to support your child during this challenging academic year. The evening will cover key areas such as: